Kaminoge Terrace

2023In Progress

CAtKazuko AkamatsuShinya Omura

Plan of cooperative house in Kaminoge, Setagaya-ku.
A hill-like architecture with three-dimensional terraces and plants derived from the shade, ventilation, and line of sight between the neighboring land.
Each dwelling unit is provided with a reversible space (semi-external space) that is continuous from the entrance to the outside, and is an open space with continuous inside and outside.
The first floor is a dwelling unit that can be used for offices and shops open in the city. The upper floors are dwelling units with an open view without any obstruction around them.
It is a housing complex that accepts diverse personalities and allows you to enjoy the city and the outside.

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Location Setagaya, Tokyo
Principal use Apartment / Cooperative house
Structure RC Structure
Number of stories 5 stories + 1 basement
Total floor area 1,000㎡
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